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Sand Tray Training at The Psychosynthesis Trust, London

Saturday, 1st July 2023, 10-17.00 BST

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The Sand tray as a Therapeutic tool


Psychosynthesis Trust

94 Tooley Street



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Explore the theatre of the mind using sand tray work at this 1-day in-person workshop with Catherine Bishop.

About this event

Hosted by: Catherine Bishop

Format: In Person at the Trust

Why this workshop?

Sand tray work provides a controlled space to express and explore emotions and life issues, creating a liminal space to work with clients.

In sand tray work, clients choose from a range of miniature figures and objects and arrange them in the sand. Once feelings are organised and externalised in this way, they can be viewed and reflected on from a distance, enabling the integration of inner and outer worlds. It can be especially useful when emotions or situations seem overwhelming.

They offer a space to talk or ‘play’ with the therapist, the client can explore relationships, make connections, develop an understanding of patterns and explore new possibilities. The therapist does not need to interpret the symbols -  the meaning belongs to the client. The therapist’s role is to facilitate the client’s deeper understanding and expression.

Who is it for?

The workshop will benefit those working with clients in a therapeutic setting, including qualified and trainee Psychotherapists, Psychotherapeutic Counsellors, Counsellors.

Students looking to attend this workshop must be undertaking personal therapy.

What to expect and learning outcomes

The workshop will be held in person at the Psychosynthesis Trust building, where participants will:

  • Learn from the inside out – through experience to theory and sense-making.
  • Explore inner symbols, images and archetypes.
  • Gain an introduction to working with the sand tray and theoretical underpinning, based on the work of Carl Jung and Dora Kalff.
  • Have opportunities to experience working with the sand tray in practice – as ‘client’ and ‘therapist’.
  • Understand strategies for working with and exploring the image created in the sand tray.
  • Be guided on questioning techniques to support the work.
  • Have an opportunity to reflect on, share and discuss learning and insights.

Attendees will leave with an understanding of:

  • how to approach working with the sand tray.
  • how they might integrate it into their work, including with individuals, couples, and children.
  • the way that working with the sand tray by-passes the rational mind, connecting with the unconscious.

In the participants personal development, the workshop has the potential to:

  • deepen their knowledge of and connection with their inner world of symbols.
  • a creative way to explore life dilemmas and dynamics and seek resolution.
  • harmonise polarities.

They may leave with an increased sense of:

  • trust in the power of curiosity.
  • freedom from having to know.
  • surrendering to the process.
  • confidence to experiment with this.

Our approach

Psychosynthesis as applied to psychotherapy is a unique approach that combines both psychology and spirituality. It is a holistic process that helps the individual deal with patterns of behaviours which inhibit or prevent living life in meaningful and fulfilling ways. It brings us into contact with the life journey to meaning and purpose.

In Sand Tray work the therapist is the most important tool in the room. The holding of a transpersonal context, working with the imagination and intuition facilitates that in the client and the work. Self-organises the psyche.

Ticket Price

At the Trust we appreciate that each person has their own unique situation, so we invite you to select the price point that feels like it represents a fair contribution for attending this event.

There are three options to choose from when purchasing tickets: £75; £100; £150

If you have any concerns around affordability, please contact Kajal at


Catherine Bishop

Following a career in education, Catherine trained as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. In her private practice she has worked with individuals, couples and children, combining talking with somatic awareness and use of the arts. She is an experienced trainer and group facilitator.

Her approach is interactive and flexible – she aims to combine delivering a core objective with space to be responsive to participants needs. She seeks to create a space for both mindfulness and playful curiosity.

Qualifications: Diploma in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Certificate in Counselling Skills with Children using the Arts, Sesame Practitioner, Personal Development and Leadership Coach

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