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Leadership Coaching

I help leaders lead with their heart without losing their head.

I work with leaders who have integrity and are warm-hearted but realise investing in their own personal development is key for them to become a much better leader.

My coaching be focused on your individual needs, based on 5 Dimensions of Leadership, developed by Roger Evans:

  • Self awareness, self knowledge and the abillity to self reflect
  • Awareness of one’s impact on others, understanding their differences, different dynamics and group cultures
  • Thinking systemically and understanding underlying forces in the system to create more success
  • Individual will – to make clear decisions and hold them in the face of possible resistance
  • The ability to ask for appropriate help – wisdom over control and heroism and create sustainable leadership

We can include working with ‘masculine’ elements– goal oriented, logic, structured, strategic and ‘feminine’ ones intuitive knowledge, cyclic awareness, listening and receiving. These are not gendered, but archetypal attributes

I offer mentoring and coaching services to help staff realise their potential.

Staff may be facing a transition, new responsibility or loss of confidence. My role will be helping them set goals and plan steps to achieve them. As well as being a counsellor, my experience includes working as a trainer for ‘Working With Others’, which supported staff teams in developing effective communication and collaborative skills, founded on mutual trust.