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Personal Empowerment Coaching

Coaching and Mentoring for Young People

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it now.” Goethe

I work with women who are looking to lead more self-empowered lives, take their space and build a life and work that reflects their values and dreams.

You may be looking to:

  • become more confident and stop playing small
  • find your voice
  • live and work more creatively
  • find more balance and harmony in your life
  • make an important decision
  • prioritise and organise your life and work so that you have time for you
  • find your purpose

My approach is to tailor the work to suit your individual needs.

I offer a way of working which is holistic and promotes sustained change through working with the imagination and using tools to embed and alchemise your insights and translate them into tangible outcomes.

The combination of talking with guided image work, creative work, embodiment and energy practices, helps you tap into your intuition, discover things you know but may be haven’t told yourself and find ways to create change in your life.

Some of the things you are struggling with may include:

  • going round in circles
  • being pulled in two directions at once
  • fear of taking the risk to the outcome you desire
  • seeing others doing what you would like to do and feeling envious and resentful
  • feeling confused, blocked or frustrated
  • not believing that you are worth it, or that you can

I use a range of approaches to help you identify ways to fulfil your dreams, working with right-brain logic and left-brain intuitive methods.

Transformational Coaching for Times of Change

I work with women at different life or career stages who are choosing to make changes and would like support to develop courage, clarity or skills to manifest that change… or women who suddenly find that things they had taken for granted or are familiar have fallen away.

These can be tender times, when you might like to be accompanied through a period of uncertainity as you explore what this means and what next? Perhaps, you are no longer sure who you are, or you are ‘between stories’ and you are sorting and deciding who you are becoming.

These times might be:

  • returning to work after having children
  • becoming a parent
  • changing jobs
  • redundnacy
  • a separation or divorce
  • midlife, menopause

You may be feeling:

  • anxious, panicky
  • lost
  • questioning ‘what now?’
  • ‘Who am I now?’
  • ‘What is my purpose?’

Part of this work will include uncovering what needs to be released or let go of, it may include grieving the loss of those things as well as learning to call in the new, to trust in the as yet unknown and navigate from a different part of yourself, listen to the signs and to your body, find new interests and communities, tend new shoots.

As with personal coaching, I work with your individual needs and with attention, using a combination of tools and techniques to help you navigate the uncertain times and unlock new potential and potency.


‘Coaching sessions with Catherine were such an enormous help with creation of my book. Not only we were able to devise a step-by-step project plan but also to address all the artistic dilemmas within that project. Catherine’s sensitivity, her artistic flare and wonderful ability of bringing my ideas into focus had really helped me.’ 

E, Brighton

I found the series of sessions a deeply supportive and positive experience. The whole process has felt powerful and creative but also really gentle and, perhaps most importantly, sustainable. I think that’s because the changes that have happened in me have come from such an integrated place – you made sure that all different parts of me were involved in the coaching sessions so it wasn’t just a cerebral process. I felt completely comfortable with you, and felt able to bring anything that I wanted to the sessions, and as a result we were able to address many areas of my life including work, health and relationships, and big changes have happened in all those areas – it has felt like a really holistic and well-rounded process. I really appreciated your questions which helped me to look at things in completely new ways, and how you held an overview of what was important to me and how various seemingly separate subjects actually fitted together into bigger themes. I also found your reflections and insights really valuable. Over the 3 months I feel like I have expanded into new territory within myself, and I’m leaving with and a greater sense of self-confidence, self-love and strength, and excitement about the future.

Melanie Ward

Shiatsu Practitioner, Shadow Work Coach & Group Facilitator


Catherine offers mentoring to young people in study skills and writing. She offers professional support in the form of mentoring to teachers and therapists.

Thank you for your help. It inspired me to look at what I was teaching with a fresh eye. East Sussex language teacher 2010

 My expertise has increased greatly under Catherine’s leadership… Her influence across the county has been effective and widespread. Advanced Skills Teacher

My experience as a therapeutic counsellor means I have developed deep listening skills and can work at depth. I will be able to advise you if what you are bringing might benefit from a different approach. I will be honest if  I feel that is the case.